5 Ways Data From iBeacon Technology Can Help Your Business



The opportunities that emerge with the rise of Beacon technologies are many fold. Not only does it provide business with a new way to market , promote or announce the newest sales and products, it allows for businesses to gather raw consumer data. If you wish to optimise your business, or perhaps gather that vital piece of missing information, Beacons could do it for you, and much more.

We explore some of the ways Beacons are used in the market and translating that into helping your business grow.


1. Locational and direct marketing catered to specific users

First of which is the ability to provide locational and direct marketing, aimed specifically at users with your apps installed. There is a fine line to thread between bombarding potential customers with ads as they pass by and delivering a well timed, well placed offer. 

For example, BLEep Beacon Solutions utilises triangulations and distanced based triggers, allowing for timed delivery of a carefully placed ad. Put simply, the customer that has been lingering outside your store may need a final incentive to enter it, but a passer-by would not be heckled by ads!


2. Easy access of data for consumer

Users can easily retrieve information about the products while shopping, from beacons places near the group, serving a secondary function. For example, in a clothing store, information about available shirt sizes, cuttings, designs and colour can be made available and easy to access via your app, reducing the need for more sales representatives.


3. Information to optimise and increase business efficiency

As a tertiary operation, the beacon gathers data of devices that moves past it, supporting optimisation of customer flow and strategic product placement. This allows you to greater freedom for designing solutions that maximises benefits for service and goods providers. Not only that, employees with relevant apps can also collect and infer from said data as to where they are most needed, increasing employee efficiency as well.


4. Consumer payment and spending tracking

A fourth potential use of it is to allow for mobile payments, for time is precious and convenience is key. In a large store, where finding payment counters can be a bother and queuing a nightmare, mobile payment is the logical answer. Beacons from BLEep provides a maximum range of up to a 50m radius, depending on floor plans and and other environmental factor, allowing for a mobile payment hotspot to facilitate customer purchases. Data from these allows you to track where consumer spends, and if they spend any more after that. Again providing valuable insights for store optimisation.


5. Expanding uses

The final way beacon technologies can aid you are intricately linked to the above four.

As the world becomes more integrated with the internet, smartphones functions become more varied and useful. Beacons serves both as an automatic link from smartphones to your app and as a portal with which you can turn an interested shopper into a regular patron. With the convenience and accessibility it provides, as well as the low cost to maintain such a system, it would be counter-intuitive not to get it.

If you're convinced by this new technology but worried about how to incorporate it into your existing system, don't be. There are many third party beacon providers, but BLEep is by far one of the easiest to integrate into existing systems. A modular and open fashioned Beacon Management system makes it easy to configure behaviour of your apps upon detection of a beacon. As well as a software development kit provided to aid in the integration.

Of course, as with all new technology, there can be a down side to it all. Giving you direct access to each individual is a powerful weapon. As mentioned earlier, you do not want to be harassing potential customers with ads as soon as they enter the vicinity of your beacons or be overzealous in it's usage. It could be the difference between going up in blaze or lighting the path to a new market!

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