Virgin Atlantic Adopts iBeacon Technology To Personalise Passengers’ Journey

Virgin Atlantic has adopted beacons usage in London Heathrow Airport, automatically showing relevant information for travelers on their iOS devices when near any of the newly deployed beacons.

For example, “Upper class” passengers – Virgin Atlantic’s special high end flight experience- have their boarding pass brought on screen automatically as they approach the checkpoint. Saving them the trouble of having to hold on to a physical ticket or spend precious time digging through their mails.

In a release made by Virgin Airlines, Reuben Arnold, Virgin Atlantic’s Brand & Customer Engagement Director, shared that "At this stage, we've only skimmed the surface on the advantages that this technology can offer our customers, In the future, we expect it to further personalize our passenger's journey, such as notifying an Upper Class passenger that there is an open appointment in the Clubhouse spa or introducing the crew members on their flight as they board the aircraft."

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Futuristic Lift To Museums; A Beacon Case Study

Museums are a place of heritage, a site to showcase the past, to display keepsakes and exhibit memories of older generations but that does not mean it cannot be futuristic. New beacon technology making waves in the market is currently utilized by museums in Wales, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Brooklyn. Their use for the beacons are many and varied and here we view and discuss how they are using beacons to enhance viewer experience.

The national museum of wales is attempting to incorporate specific elements of digital heritage such as learning, interpretation, and the use of bilingual and multilingual materials. 

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How Retailers Can Take Advantage Of Beacon Technology

When was the last time you took time to read through an advert? Probably never right? Because it is a generic piece of marketing designed to appeal to the masses. Today, we’re so exposed to blatant marketing and product placement that we cease to even notice it anymore.


But what if you could tailor a specific advertisement or offer to a customer? What if you could offer information that consumers require, on the spot, without the need for an additional sales representative? Or create a self-payment system without the need to queue?

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5 Ways Data From iBeacon Technology Can Help Your Business

The opportunities that emerge with the rise of Beacon technologies are many fold. Not only does it provide business with a new way to market , promote or announce the newest sales and products, it allows for businesses to gather raw consumer data. If you wish to optimise your business, or perhaps gather that vital piece of missing information, Beacons could do it for you, and much more.

We explore some of the ways Beacons are used in the market and translating that into helping your business grow.

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BLEep Beacon Management System New Features v1.6

We are pleased to introduce newly launched features on BLEep Beacon Management System (BMS) which will take your customer engagement up a notch!

Simply connect your beacons with BMS to take advantage of these new features:

  • Schedule and automate messages
  • Send messages in video, audio formats & more
  • Schedule campaigns according to different time zones 
  • Map users' locations and serve precise messages
If there are any features you would like to see on BMS, send us your wish list.
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