How Retailers Can Take Advantage Of Beacon Technology



When was the last time you took time to read through an advert? Probably never right? Because it is a generic piece of marketing designed to appeal to the masses. Today, we’re so exposed to blatant marketing and product placement that we cease to even notice it anymore.


But what if you could tailor a specific advertisement or offer to a customer? What if you could offer information that consumers require, on the spot, without the need for an additional sales representative? Or create a self-payment system without the need to queue?

Beacon technology allows you to do that and much more. Uses for this new technology are many and varied; people are just scratching the surface of it. The main idea behind it is to provide greater accessibility and convenience.

Imagine a retail hub where offers and promotion are sent directly to your customer’s device, tailored to their needs. Interactive coupons pop up for them to use, recommendations appear for them based on previous visits and purchases, and a map to their desired product is shown.

Upon reaching the aisle, information about the product becomes accessible. Pricing, specs, stock available, design, everything they need. Once a decision has been made they can then proceed to a payment hotspot to make their payment. Shop from the future? Maybe, but the future is now. Beacons allow for all these and more.

Beacons placed at strategic points support all these functions. More so if a support and management system is in place to facilitate the process, making it easier to choose what display, images, video or any other content you choose to show.

Whether it is accessing or collecting information, making payments, giving directions, marketing, or reducing manpower needed it is all possible with Beacons and when properly deployed have a myriad of uses.

These conveniences aren’t just limited to retail too. Museums are starting to use them to replace information plaque. Sport stadiums are using beacons to pull up e-tickets when approaching gates. Restaurants are trying out new methods for ordering food, specifically for those with special instructions or allergies. Even fast food chains such as McDonalds have begun testing out beacon usage for promotional purposes.

The possibilities will just keep increasing when more people become aware of the powerful tool that is Beacon. This is one technology to look out for.

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