Many hospitals around the world have already started integrating smart technology into their operations. Doctors are carrying iPads to access information, smart phones are replacing traditional communication devices and meetings are becoming paperless.

Since the integration of these hardware, workplace productivity has risen tremendously. But there is also increased risk of getting wrong information due to unfamiliarity with the new system, improper integration of technology or maybe something simpler. Like the current workforce resisting a change in the work flow.


  • Enhance current technology already in place to aid doctors and nurses
  • Remove or reduce risk of wrong information on patient
  • Assuring patient's confidentiality
  • Encouraging the current workforce to accept and fully utilize the system.


Having the data readily available could be a matter of life and death in hospitals. Rather than have doctors manually pull up information from the hospital apps (which can require going through various menus and dropdowns, or manually searching through patient names), Beacons could do it for them. Every time a smart device goes within range of a beacon, a prompt will appear, showing the patient's profile.

Movement tracking throughout the hospital will ensure that patients who require special attention are well taken care of and that they do not pose a danger to themselves.

Having a Beacon system also removes the risk of getting wrong information as each beacon only gives information pertaining to that particular patient. Being a computerized system, authorizing access to information is easy, thus ensuring patient confidentiality. This way, not every device is able to access the patient's status.

However, not everything is smooth sailing. Without proper implementation of either hardware or software, Beacons can prove to be a futile or even costly endeavor to enhance the hospital. Certain hospitals in the United States have implemented, and then rejected the usage of smart device as it was not proving useful enough, or in some cases, even hindering their work. One must remember that this new technology is meant to complement or enhance the current system. Not to replace it.

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