Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing & Exhibitions (MICE)


Many factors affect the health of exhibition industries. Health of regional and national economies, presence of local and international competitors & internal management challenges make up the topmost business concerns, according to UFI’s Global Exhibition Barometer.

Since external factors such as health of economies and competition cannot be controlled to a large extent, exhibition companies are channeling their attention to solving internal management challenges.


MICE organizers face internal management challenges such as:

  • Determining what kind of value-added services to provide to better serve the needs of exhibitors
  • Space (Booth) management to maximise ROI
  • Tracking of ROI of event to justify value to all stakeholders


With iBeacon technology, you can resolve the aforementioned challenges without the need for a lot of manpower by:

  • Offering exhibitors the opportunity to communicate with their visitors via their mobile in various message formats, such as video, audio, image based on their location
  • Offering exhibitors findings on the total number of visitors by exhibit spots, visitor engagement levels based on mobile app interactions performed by exhibit spots, business return on investments (measured by number of leads generated, number of impressions, number of claimed offers)
  • Map visitor footfall and movement flow to determine popular booths and better manage exhibition space for maximum ROI

By tactically placing beacons around the exhibition near data collection points, iBeacon solutions such as BLEep Beacon Management System (BMS) is able to collect data streams and send notifications to visitors.

Big data gleaned serves one main purpose, that is to understand what is working and what is not working. This informs exhibitors and organizers on what to reiterate to increase ROI and substantiate their decisions.

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