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With all the hype of personalization nowadays, it’s little wonder that restaurants are starting to catch up to the hype. But customized menus are impossible without knowing your customer’s taste. What if you wanted to offer special discounts or treats for your most loyal of customers? Beacons could be the answer.

But with all the recent uproar about privacy and general uneasiness about corporate gathering of personal information, how do you convince them that your app and beacons will provide a better experience for them?

Well for one, they’d have to install your restaurant’s app, followed by giving explicit permission that they allow for transmission of data. Of course they will also have to enable that long forgotten function of Bluetooth. Unlike with Wi-Fi where people can be tracked everywhere, Beacons are proximity based. All these combined means that only those who really want your additional offers will receive notifications and offers.

For the folks that frequent your restaurant, your app could track their past orders and bring up suggestions based on that, as well as bookmarking their favorite dishes. Daily specials can be easily shown, as well as chef recommendations. And as for your most loyal customers, special discounts can be offered through the app only.

Remote ordering could also be a possibility. Waiting time can be significantly reduced for both parties. The waiter no longer has to stand idly while customers make their choice, while patrons don’t have to wait for a waiter to take down orders.

Restaurant traffic can also easily be accessed by customers for a gauge on waiting times. More interestingly, if your restaurant operates in an open concept similar to a buffet or sushi bar, you can track customer footfall. With it you can determine hotspots, fares that are well received and those that don’t sell, providing you with valuable insights on how to optimize your business.

All things considered, if you want to propel your eatery towards the future, beacons are surely one thing to look into.

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